Eddie Aguirre
Site Manager/ Maintenance

Eddie Aquirre possesses over six years of management and maintenance experience. Mr. Aguirre is known for the excellent way he can turn around deplorable and unsafe properties. By assessing the development, creating a strategy and maintenance plan in an effort to address all the building’s needs, he puts together a team of which may include supers, porters, painters, plumbers etc., depending on the needs of the development. He then sets goals, such as, a start date and an estimated end date to when the project will be complete, and he ambitiously and satisfactorily completes the task at hand. Mr. Aguirre is a team player, decision maker, and motivator. He is creative and communicates clearly and effortlessly with fellow employees, vendors, and residents. He is recognized for meeting deadlines and completing projects on or ahead of schedule.

Recently, he was designated to manage a hotel in the New York City that was close to its end due to poor management.  In the short time that Eddie Aguirre has been director of the hotel he has improved the overall cleanliness, assisted the existing staff in enhancing their customer service skills, and ultimately making the guests feel important and the owners pleased. Since his designation, the Hotel accommodations have been highly admired and the revenues have increased significantly. There has been an overwhelming amount of reservations since the start of Mr. Aguirre’s employment, which leaves us with very satisfied guests that plan to return to the Hotel. Today, the owners commend Mr. Aguirre on his short turnaround of the Hotels guests’ reviews, overall operation, and most importantly, his ability to increase revenue.

Francine Cerbone
Administrative Assistant

Francine has 2 years of experience in the financial and management industry and she is the newest member of IPM. She is the Site Manager of Nehemiah Condominiums III, which is the most recent contract that Innovative has taken on and it is the only Condominium property in IPM’s profile. Her monthly responsibilities consist of, but are not limited to, renewing Insurance policies for all buildings, monthly financial reports for all 7A Administrative buildings, Vendor contracts for all buildings, Apartment applications for 607 Concord Avenue HDFC, & ensuring all employee files have up to date and accurate information. She works with vendors and other site managers to clear building violations, as well as our Attorneys to commence Court cases for delinquent accounts. In addition, her knowledge of the English language has made her the go-to for outgoing correspondence which includes writing & editing letters, memos, and emails. Her focus and outstanding work ethic has given her a successful reputation with her employer and vendors in the short time that she has been with Innovative. She is very responsible, organized and well adept in communicating with an array of personalities which is a positive factor in this industry.  

Miriam Rodriguez
Founder and President of IPM

Miriam possesses 30 years of experience. Her career began with The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with the position of Voucher Examiner and Investigator. Among many of her responsibilities, she was the designated liaison between managing agents and HUD, and an auditor for property managers. Ms. Rodriguez negotiated all over-payments with the corresponded owner and/or manager, arranged payment plans, ensured that all buildings were up to code, conducted operation and management reviews, and performed site visits to evaluate the progress of the managers and/or owners.

MMB and MRF selected Ms. Rodriguez to direct and maintain all properties in their portfolio. Employed for over 15 years in the position of Director of Operations, some of her duties were, but not limited to, the supervision of all daily operations in the central office as well as the supervision of all branch site offices. Ms. Rodriguez had involvement in all operations including strategic planning, financial budgeting and personal management. Ms. Rodriguez supervised 30 maintenance personnel, 15 central & site personnel and received daily reports from all location supervisors and site managers. Supervising the renovation and construction sites known as the Neighborhood Entrepreneur program (NEP), Ms. Rodriguez was responsible for complying with all of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Dev., and NYC Divisional Housing Community renewal regulations and reporting requirements. She attended monthly board meetings at Casaba Houses for the Elderly, and maintained all tenant files and business correspondence. Ms. Rodriguez works simultaneously with owners, tenants, employees, vendors and all government agencies, and is responsible for the training and development of personnel. She is recognized for her powerful communication skills, ability to handle high-pressure situations in a professional and effective manner, and her knowledge in the use of computers and multiple software programs.

As Founder and President of Innovative Property Management & Development Inc since 2000, in a short period of time her dedication and hard work has made her very successful, building the company from the ground up to over a $90 million portfolio today.  She has developed and maintained the vision of IPM. She oversees the operations of the company, supervises all marketing strategies, and oversees the finances. She has the authority to approve all financial obligations, seek business opportunities and strategist alliances with other companies and organizations. Ms. Rodriguez sets a plan, develops and establishes policies and objectives of business organization in accordance to board directives and company charter. In addition, she directs and coordinates financial programs to provide funding for new or continuing operations in order to maximize returns on investments, and increase productivity. A decision maker and supervisor of all accounts receivable and accounts payable, she negotiates contracts with vendors. To add on to her responsibilities, Ms. Rodriguez also manages the working capital, receivables, inventory, cash and marketable securities as well as performs financial forecasting including; capital budget, cash budget, financial statements, external financing requirements, and financial condition requirements. Her commitment to making the company an asset to many communities and neighborhoods is honorable.

Miriam Rodriguez is known for her many contributions to developing failing or declining business in economically depressed areas due to poor management. Miriam’s strength and legacy has left many tenants with the feeling of being stable, supported and proud to have a staff at their “beck and call”. We strive to maintain the tenants and the buildings all while making owners happy and proud to have a company that is responsible, loyal, honest and who holds them in their highest regards.

Adriana Mogrovejo
Director of Operations and Tax Credit Specialist

Adriana brings with her eight years of experience with total renovation of four buildings in the Bronx. Her responsibilities include the implementation and supervision of relocation plans. Acting as a tenant liaison, she is known for her success in finding solutions to a multiplicity of problems related to tenant and landlord relations. She successfully coordinated the construction of several building sites, interacting with architects, general contractors, and city agencies such as NYC Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) for the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program (NEP), and the NYC Housing Partnership. She works closely with all government agencies and community organizations. She assists the accountants in creating financial statements and compiles monthly reports for the compliance of all city, state, and federal codes. A comprehensive marketing plan has been developed under her direct supervision. Her supervisory role has given her a clear understanding of the needs of the contractors as well as the residents. This knowledge has aided her in working with the respected needs of both the contractors and the residents on the buildings’ sites. Her excellent communication skills with residents and vendors have enabled her to gain cooperation from all parties. Her technical knowledge is essential to making the construction process painless to the residents and has eased the way for the contractors. She is responsible for the marketing under the NEP program and the compliance of the Low Income Tax Credits and HOME units program. She has the ability to multitask in various areas and communicate clearly and efficiently with others. In her administration with the NEP program, she has been recognized for being sufficient and completing assigned projects in a timely manner without consequential faults. Mrs. Mogrovejo works hand in hand with Miriam Rodriguez to ensure that this company is running competently. 

Jessica Aguirre
Accounts Payable / Receivables

Jessica has four years of experience in the financial and management industry. She inputs all accounts payable and receivables, and reconciles all accounts. She is very precise with her work and is very detailed with the bills received and payments made. Her monthly responsibilities consist of, but are not limited to, organizing income and expense statements with the accountant for monthly board meetings, provide manager with unpaid balance listings, send payments, and collects bids/proposals that may be necessary. She assists the accountant by compiling general ledgers, and financial statements. She has extensive knowledge with QuickBooks and she works closely with our superintendents, project managers and site managers to assure that all repairs that may be needed are satisfied. She also places supply orders in bulk amounts for the buildings and reviews an inventory list of all items that have been received. All bills received are input into the computer immediately and a list is automatically compiled. Her constant dedication and excellent work ethic has given her a successful reputation with her employer and vendors. She is very responsible, organized, and communicates very thoroughly with all vendors and employees. Her experience and knowledge in the field of finance has contributed to the profit of all managing properties.

Juan Robinson Sanchez
Construction and Maintenance Supervisors

Brings with him nine years of experience in the construction and maintenance of properties and commercial real estate. He coordinates and supervises the maintenance of buildings, equipment, facilities and grounds. He performs unskilled and semiskilled tasks in the maintenance of multi-family rental units and the common grounds as required to protect the marketability of the property. Mr. Sanchez works directly with the Resident Manager. He plans and supervises the work assignments of all requests for repairs, and all maintenance tasks generated at the complex. He establishes priorities and work schedules for maintenance personnel. He receives complaints originating from tenants, on-site staff, and/or the staff in the main management office. He gives special instructions to maintenance personnel and provides assurance that the requirements for high-quality maintenance are in accordance with those established by the managing agent. He maintains accurate records utilizing work orders. He is responsible for planning, organizing, as-signing tasks, and making changes in work loads within the complex. He may also reassign his regular staff to expedite production schedules and is responsible for delays and back log of deferred maintenance; consults with residents and the Property Manager when additional staff is needed or a disciplinary action is required pertaining to maintenance personnel.

Mr. Sanchez reviews and takes corrective action of difficult complaints regarding tenant maintenance requests. He establishes work schedules for maintenance personnel in the most efficient and economical way in order to organize maintenance and repair requests. He estimates man hour allocations and staffing needs for various tasks and reassigns personnel in direct relation to priorities, work schedule, and changes in work conditions. He will confer with the Property and Resident Manager on major operating problems and will make recommendations for needed changes in the maintenance programs.

Mr. Sanchez coordinates janitorial, painting, and miscellaneous repairs to vacant units in a timely manner, enabling the manager to rent units in an appropriate time frame. He assists the Resident Manager in performing "move in, move out" inspections. He performs periodic light inspections of common areas, along with the maintenance personnel in detecting lighting or security hazards. He is also responsible for keeping the Resident Manager informed of any inspections such as annual HUD, REAC Inspection, State and City Inspections. Mr. Sanchez order’s and picks up maintenance supplies and materials as needed and maintains storage and work areas in a neat, safe, and secure location. His duties include supervising and performing minor repairs to building appliances and fixtures; change locks, replace floor tile, unstop clogged drains, repair or replace plumbing fixtures, patch holes in walls, replace faucet washers, perform roof repairs, spot paint exteriors, paint building interiors, assist resident manager, operate lawn care equipment, clean unit interiors, perform miscellaneous carpentry repairs, perform minor masonry duties, and maintain supplies and supply records. Mr. Sanchez’s eagerness to complete projects in a timely manner has been commended by the residents and the owners of the developments in our portfolio.


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